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    Morals, Values & Ethics: Forensic Psychology

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    From a forensic psychology perspective:

    - Explain each of the terms (Morals, values, and ethics).
    - Explain how each term is related to the others and explain similarities and differences between and among the terms.
    - Analyze the role of personal ethics by explaining their role and importance to you as a forensic psychology professional.

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    1. Terminology definition and differentiation
    2. Forensic Psychologist - overview of key role
    3. Importance of Personal ethics

    Below I have exemplified some ideas and provided definitions to the terms. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies!

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    Morals, Ethics and Values
    What are morals? How about ethics and values? How are they similar and different? How do they relate? Why are they important in professional practice? In forensic psychology, just like any professional practice, it is important to practice a professional and moral code that will establish expected standards and ensure that what is practiced is geared towards the good and relevant for science and society. This is where these 3 concepts come in. First, let us define them. When we say something is 'moral', we mean, something is good. Moral comes from the Latin word 'moralitas' which means a differentiation of the bad from the good to achieve a proper behavior and to shape good character. We hold our leaders and ourselves to be moral as in this manner we can expect society to work towards something that is 'good' for the benefit ...

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