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    About Utilitarian, Deontological and Virtue-based Approaches

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    Distinguish between utilitarian, deontological and virtue-based approaches to ethics. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

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    Utilitarian ethics is a view that assesses the moral worth of something based on the value of its contribution to society as a whole. When considering the moral worth of an action, the utilitarian view takes into account how useful that action is to most people, rather than how ethical it is to just one person. An in-depth example of this concept is the exploitation of oil from Canadian sands. The government wants to go through with the process as it says that they can use certain methods (such as burying the dangerous components under ground) that will reduce or eliminate the effects of the process. Therefore, a utilitarian approach to this situation would state that regardless of how many individuals complain ...

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    Discussion of strenghts and weaknesses of utilitarian, deontological and virtue-based approaches to ethics.