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Business Ethics

Organizational Ethics and Prevailing Values

1. What has been the prevailing value/ethical system in the companies where you have worked? 2. Does your employer pressure you to abandon your personal moral code of ethics? If so, how? What can you do to resist the pressure? 3. Have you ever been part of a workplace group that was victimized by group think? Which symptoms

Common Fallacies: Faulty Evidence

Select two reliable source news articles that illustrate at least two of the "Common Fallacies: Faulty Evidence" and two reliable source news articles that illustrate at least two of "Common Fallacies: Faulty Reasoning" for a total of four articles. Submit the link to each article and a brief explanation of which fallacies are b

Using Kidder's Ethical Checkpoints in Situations

Ethical Scenarios For Analysis Scenario A: Clothing the Camp Counselors You are a first-year counselor at a camp for needy children, which is subsidized through contributions from individuals and local businesses. Yours is the only camp experience that these disadvantaged kids will ever have. One afternoon, a few hours befo

Code of Ethics, Assisted Living Facility

Please provide some help and ideas to get this started. You are the CEO of a business that employs 25 employees and owns and operates an assisted living facility. You have decided that a code of ethics is required in your company. What should it look like? To be workable, it should be clear, succinct and easy to understand.

Leadership Strategy and Styles

Please help developing a response to the following: The Internet and technological advancements have changed the way organizations conduct business. From a chief executive officer of an organization, what would be the strategy for implementing change in a resistant culture? This strategy could address the organization's attit

Ethical Duties of Businesses

Do businesses have any direct ethical duties to living beings other than humans? Support your answer with at least three reasons to justify your position.

Ethical Dilemmas and Behavioral Outputs

Can you please help me with the following questions? 1. Reflect on one of your recent ethical decisions prior to this course. What ethical system(s) did you follow? Were you satisfied with your choice? 2. The course texts have exposed you to a number of ethical systems (Hill's H-J-L, or Johnson's Chapter 5). Which system wo

Integration versus Compartmentalization

Compare and contrast integration versus compartmentalization. Moral Identity, raises the question of whether one can live an integrated life. 1. Is it possible for a leader to live an effective life and serve their company well while following the integrated approach? 2. What are the potential benefits of such an approach? W

Enron Failure: Greed or Poor Business Decisions

Read the following document, "The Rise and Fall of Enron" at In your opinion, was this a case of greed or just bad business decisions leading to an illegal cover-up? This article concludes with this: "In 2004 the top executives of Enron, Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling, were ind

Consequences of Ethical Decision Making

Need help Choosing a positive example from the past ten years of a business organization whose leaders acted ethically when they encountered an ethical dilemma. *Select the business organization *Analyze *Describe the ethical decision making and actions in the organization *What Ethical framework was applied *Positive an

Self Interest or Community Interest

Self-Interest or Community Interest Adam Smith argued that self-interest is a critical element in a society's economic development. Karl Marx, by contrast, argued that society functions better when each of us is more community oriented. Pretend you are either Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and explain economic recession from t

Psychological Egoism in Business

Find a contemporary article showing how the theory of psychological egoism in a corporation resulted in an ethical dilemma. - Is there a way that the decision-making process within a large corporation can overcome this fact of human selfishness? - What would be a solution in this scenario? - How does the theory of psychologic

Toxic Culture in Business Ethics

Organizational culture is a shared pattern of beliefs, expectations, and meanings that influence the actions of the organization's members. What do you think constitutes a "toxic" culture? Describe any personal experience of an organization that would qualify as toxic.

Virtue Ethics v Moral Relativism

Virtue Ethics refers to believing that ethical behavior is based on a set of virtues that are morally valid without any consideration to the action or subsequent outcome. Moral Relativism refers to being able to define ethical behavior based upon the context. Which do you agree with as a basis for ethical action and why?

Business Ethics Potential Conflicts

Answer each question below. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. 1) What are the three potential conflicts of interest that can take place during the auditing process? Explain. 2)

The Researching Process for a New Product

A company is considering creating and selling a new type of cookies. Create a report explaining the research process that should be used by the company to make this decision. Your report should include: - The research question - The proposed research - The research design - Data that would be collected and how one would p

Global Business - Google

Read Case Study 8, "Google: Don't Be Evil Unless..." on pages 308-315. Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues presented in the case. Review the "Questions for Thought." Answer the four "Questions for Thought" using the business ethics principles from the textbook. Your summary of the autho

Sustainability in marketing

Choose an article from SAGE Journal Articles on by clicking the Student Resources tab then selecting Journal Articles on the left menu. You may choose any article from Chapters 1-3 so long as the article is at least five pages in length. The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice reviewi

Coca Cola: Ethics and Global Initiatives

In the attached file, read the second case study on Coca Cola and respond to the following questions: 1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. 2. In a globally competitive environment, why would Coca Cola engage in questionable conduct such as channel stuffing, falsifying

Google: Censors, Child Protection, and the Library Project

1. Should Google censor searches in China? Why? 2. Why do you think Google was adamant about not wanting to supply information requested by the government concerning the Child Online Protection Act? Why? 3. What rationale do you believed was involved with google starting its Google Books Library Project? 4. From all the

Bernie Madorr Ponzi Scheme

1. How did trust and greed concepts intertwine within the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme? 2. What is a Ponzi scheme and find several examples that have occurred within the recent years. 3. How likely is it that Madoff's sons that were employees of the firm, knew nothing about the fraud? 4. Explain the ethical issues that are asso

Countrywide Case Study

1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. 2. What were the incentives for Countrywide to write so many subprime loans? 3. What was Countrywide's logic in thinking that originating loans for people with poor credit ratings would result in positive outcomes? 4. If you were