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    Business Ethics

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    Ethical Communication Within an Organization

    Analyze the organizations that you may have engaged with and respond to the following: What type of ethical communication issues have you encountered within these organizations? Describe one ethical communication issue and how it was successfully or unsuccessfully resolved.

    Code of Ethics in Politics

    Conduct an Internet search of media codes and examine the codes of ethics of at least two media organizations such as the American Association of Political Consultants, the Radio and Television News Directors Association, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, or another relevant organization. •What codes of ethics mig

    Issues Related to Ethics in Media

    Review the article (Link below) and discuss media ethics http://www.poynter.org/how-tos/leadership-management/331433/women-in-journalism-need-space-to-work-and-work-that-reflects-them/ Analyze the contemporary media ethics case and discuss the writers objectivity. Also, discuss media code of ethics and if the principles a

    Environment Ethics

    After reading the attached, can you please help me answer the following questions? 1. How would the following environmental ethics evaluate this case? What recommendations would each make? Why? a. anthropocentric b. biocentric c. theocentric 2. What do you think should happen? Why?

    International Bribery and "Black Money"

    After reading the attached, can you please help me answer the following questions? 1. What should be the elements of a zero-tolerance ethics policy? Are any of these elements missing at Siemens Global? 2. What leadership and followership ethics lessons do you take from this case?

    Global Code of Ethics

    1. Is there a common morality that peoples of all nations can share? Explain. 2. Which of the global codes best reflects these shared standards and values? Why? 3. If you were to create your own declaration of global ethics, what would you put in it? Why?

    Ethical behavior dilemma of family business promotion

    Scenario: Jill Jones is a bright 45-year-old woman who is the vice-president of sales in a mid-sized family owned Candy Corporation. She began her career at the company right out of high school, and over the years earned two college degrees while working her way up the organizational ladder. One day, Jill was stunned to l

    Utiltiarianism: Organizational Communication

    Define utilitarianism. Discuss how utilitarianism might be applied to contemporary organizational communication. Give examples of the results of this application. Format into a one page document that complies with APA style of writing.

    Self Disclosure and Ethical Implications

    Discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in an interpersonal communication setting. Next, discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in a journalistic setting. Are the implications and results the same? Why or why not?

    Business Ethics: Satisficing

    1. Which of the following explains the term "satisficing?" Answer Striving to select only the best alternative Following simplified decision rules Selecting the alternative simply because it is the easy way out Selecting the alternative that meets minimum decision criteria 2. Which of the following is a

    Ethical Dilemma of Insider Knowledge and Investment

    See attached document to answer the following questions. 1. What information should Gail disclose or conceal and to whom? Why? 2. Imagine that she has come to you for advice. What solution would you offer her and why?

    Organizational Ethics and Prevailing Values

    1. What has been the prevailing value/ethical system in the companies where you have worked? 2. Does your employer pressure you to abandon your personal moral code of ethics? If so, how? What can you do to resist the pressure? 3. Have you ever been part of a workplace group that was victimized by group think? Which symptoms

    Common Fallacies: Faulty Evidence

    Select two reliable source news articles that illustrate at least two of the "Common Fallacies: Faulty Evidence" and two reliable source news articles that illustrate at least two of "Common Fallacies: Faulty Reasoning" for a total of four articles. Submit the link to each article and a brief explanation of which fallacies are b

    Using Kidder's Ethical Checkpoints in Situations

    Ethical Scenarios For Analysis Scenario A: Clothing the Camp Counselors You are a first-year counselor at a camp for needy children, which is subsidized through contributions from individuals and local businesses. Yours is the only camp experience that these disadvantaged kids will ever have. One afternoon, a few hours befo

    Code of Ethics, Assisted Living Facility

    Please provide some help and ideas to get this started. You are the CEO of a business that employs 25 employees and owns and operates an assisted living facility. You have decided that a code of ethics is required in your company. What should it look like? To be workable, it should be clear, succinct and easy to understand.

    Leadership Strategy and Styles

    Please help developing a response to the following: The Internet and technological advancements have changed the way organizations conduct business. From a chief executive officer of an organization, what would be the strategy for implementing change in a resistant culture? This strategy could address the organization's attit

    Ethical Duties of Businesses

    Do businesses have any direct ethical duties to living beings other than humans? Support your answer with at least three reasons to justify your position.

    Ethical Dilemmas and Behavioral Outputs

    Can you please help me with the following questions? 1. Reflect on one of your recent ethical decisions prior to this course. What ethical system(s) did you follow? Were you satisfied with your choice? 2. The course texts have exposed you to a number of ethical systems (Hill's H-J-L, or Johnson's Chapter 5). Which system wo

    Integration versus Compartmentalization

    Compare and contrast integration versus compartmentalization. Moral Identity, raises the question of whether one can live an integrated life. 1. Is it possible for a leader to live an effective life and serve their company well while following the integrated approach? 2. What are the potential benefits of such an approach? W

    Enron Failure: Greed or Poor Business Decisions

    Read the following document, "The Rise and Fall of Enron" at http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/enron.htm. In your opinion, was this a case of greed or just bad business decisions leading to an illegal cover-up? This article concludes with this: "In 2004 the top executives of Enron, Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling, were ind

    DHMO webiste

    I am seeking guidance with the following: Trident University, TUX301, Module 2, SLP 2 Write an essay evaluating website: www.dhmo.org using criteria established at the UC Berkeley website Thanks

    Consequences of Ethical Decision Making

    Need help Choosing a positive example from the past ten years of a business organization whose leaders acted ethically when they encountered an ethical dilemma. *Select the business organization *Analyze *Describe the ethical decision making and actions in the organization *What Ethical framework was applied *Positive an

    Self Interest or Community Interest

    Self-Interest or Community Interest Adam Smith argued that self-interest is a critical element in a society's economic development. Karl Marx, by contrast, argued that society functions better when each of us is more community oriented. Pretend you are either Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and explain economic recession from t

    Psychological Egoism in Business

    Find a contemporary article showing how the theory of psychological egoism in a corporation resulted in an ethical dilemma. - Is there a way that the decision-making process within a large corporation can overcome this fact of human selfishness? - What would be a solution in this scenario? - How does the theory of psychologic