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Agenda setting and ethical communication

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Define agenda setting and explain the ethical communication issues associated with this practice in 350 words using four references.

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Agenda setting and ethical communication

Agenda-setting theory is about the power of members of the news media to decide the order and in effect determine the priority of topics on the public agenda. This means that through choosing a news item more frequently and displaying that news item more prominently, the media can and do shape the audience's opinion to regard the issue that particular news item covers as more important (McCombs & Shaw, 1972). Agenda setting at its core is the use of a form of covert power by members of the media (Reese, 1990). Although the extent of that power is often debated, its exercise must be tempered by a high standard of ethics because no one debates that said power actually exists (Little, ...

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This is a discussion that defines agenda setting and explains the ethical communication issues associated with this practice

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