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Political Campaign Ads and Ethical Issues

Political Campaign Lies

Use the link above.

Describe the ad very briefly.

Identify the ethical issue that you notice in this ad and then discuss why this is ethical (or not).

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Political Campaign Lies
Use the link above
Describe the ad very briefly in a couple of sentences in your first paragraph
Identify the ethical issue that you notice in this ad on the link above and then discuss why or why not this is ethical.
Use five credible sources to support the discussion in 400 words.


Politics is, by its very nature, a nuanced game of telling the story the way a candidate wants it told versus the way the candidate's opponent may see it or want it told. Some of this story telling rises to the level of unethical behavior which is normally termed lying or equivocating but other times it is only biased or slightly inaccurate story telling at worst. A political ad from Mitt Romney's campaign produced during the 2012 presidential campaign is an example of the latter. The ad in question splices together pieces of Romney's debate against Obama in such a way as to support Romney's claim that Obama began his presidency on an "apology tour" in the Middle East (Farley, 2012).

While USA Today and, from whose website USA Today copies the information exactly, ...

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