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    Political Philosophies - Campaign Adverts

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    Please assist so I can complete the following assignment.

    Create a political campaign ad (a poster, a flier, etc.) for two political parties.

    One party that supports traditional moral and political philosophies and another party that supports modern moral and political philosophies.

    For each campaign ad, provide a party name, a campaign slogan, and a written explanation of the party's platform concerning a moral controversy of your choice.

    You may use self-made or ready-made graphics on your campaign ad, if desired. Create your campaign ads in Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® PowerPoint®, and post them as attachments.

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    Dear Student,
    I created 2 sample posters for you based on the text guide I created for you below which is also attached as a word file. You can use these information and improve/expand on them using the sources I indicated. The sample posters are in Jpeg but are laid-out as A4 sized so you can print them out as A4 posters for your guidance. They were done using Adobe Photoshop. Good Luck & thank you for using Brainmass.

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    Traditional Political Thought

    Party Name: Justice in Leadership Party

    Party Slogan: "The point is, not how long you live, but how nobly you live."
    --- Seneca the Younger
    Moral Controversy to tackle: Corrupt Leadership & Political Dynasties
    Traditional Political Philosophy: Stoicism & the Roman Theory of Just Leadership

    Socrates in the glorious days of Athens observed that the longer politicians are determined to hold on to power, the vainer & more corrupt they become. Politics and leadership for them has become not one for the good of the people but for his own self-interest, blindly manipulating the factors at play for his own ends, damned be the effects this will have on his constituents, neighbouring states & future generations. Leaders are given power by a group of individuals who is equal to him in a state of nature. No one is above or below this line of equality and those who manifest abuse of power when chosen for leadership is a politician ...

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    The solution provides 2 sample posters and a text guide ilosophihe Phbased on the problems presented by the post. It takes on the moral & political philosophies of Ancient Greece on the one hand, mainly stoicism & the theory of just leadership and the modern ideas of neocolonialism, postcolonialism & the Imperialist tendencies of the west to the developing world. The posters are in Jpeg format and can be printed off easily. Helpful in understanding moral & political philosophies in use in the political sciences & public administration.