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    Truth in advertising

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    Truth in advertising is something we all want, but is seldom achieved. Describe what truth in advertising means and give an example of when you have been affected (in a moral sense) either negatively or positively by advertising.

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    Truth in Advertising

    Truth and advertising are two elements that seem incompatible to one another. Truth has a variety of meanings staring with the simple notion of truth as 'being the fact' - the state of the matter in question. What is true however can depend on a variety of factors from the social and accepted notions of what is real and what is standard, unquestionable knowledge towards truth established by cultural and ethnic positions. As proven through the scientific circuit of knowledge, today's standard in establishing unquestionable 'truth', what is true is contingent and subject to context. But as long as evidence proves it and it is true over and over (as established via scientific tests) then a position proven is true. Truth cannot, however be universal for even scientific laws are only true due to context. Take for example linear theory - it is only true up to a certain level until it cannot hold true anymore and a new standard had to be established to answer knowledge crisis - thus we have quantum theory and quantum physics. At best what we can then aim for is verisimilitude, and, as proposed by Karl Popper, the qualities of verisimilitude mean that a position is only true in particular contexts and ...

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