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    Explain How Attitudes Can Affect your Communication with Non-Natives

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    What are the prevailing attitudes in your culture toward the following: Negotiating methods, Truth in advertising, Company-worker loyalty, Women's place in society, and the Protestant work ethic.

    Explain how these attitudes can affect your communication with non-natives?

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    In regards to negotiating methods, the prevailing attitudes in my culture are that it is very welcome. My culture believes that since prices are predominantly set to maximize profits, negotiation is thus always welcome if at least in its minimal contribution it can result in a win-win situation for both parties. Truth in advertising on the other hand is not always taken positively. Advertising is predominantly perceived to be a way in which manufacturers of both products and service attempt to coax ...

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    The solution gives 346 words on how the prevailing attitudes of the author's culture toward negotiation, truthful advertising, employee loyalty, women's rights and work ethic in order to see how non-natives might co-operate.