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    Verbal and NonVerbal Behavior

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    What constitutes effective nonverbal behavior? Ineffective behavior?

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    Effective Non-Verbal Behavior:
    There are many ways that non-verbal behavior can be effective and ineffective.

    Eye contact and showing emotions with the eyes is one of the best ways that nonverbal communication can be effective. Eyes can tell a story - for example, if someone is in a deep conversation with another person and their eyes are glancing all over the place and not focused on the person talking, they appear uninterested. When someone has their eyes focused on another person during a conversation or meeting, it shows that the listener is in tune with that is being spoken about.

    Body language and posture is the ultimate use of nonverbal communication. Slouched bodies and crosses arms is the ultimate sign of disrespect and not caring. Related and confident postures portray a better appearance. People who sit with their arms crossed are unapproachable and viewed as not caring.

    I found this quote from a website that explains nonverbal communication very well and why it's important:
    "Sometimes non-verbal ...

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