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Nonverbal Communication - examples at work

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Even though we all have heard about non-verbal communication, it is important to recognize the significant impact that non-verbal communication has on the communication process: it replaces, reinforces, or contradicts a verbal message. How has non-verbal behavior affected your communications? Give specific examples from your workplace of these factors at work

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Nonverbal communication is an important component of the communication process. It can replace verbal communication in some instances. I work in a 4-floor building of a university with a 4 story "atrium" in the center, and frequently see people gesturing with their hands or heads for another person to come up/down between floors, or to meet them to eat at the cafeteria at a certain time - all with only the use of gestures. Nonverbal communication often reinforces what the speaker is saying. In my position as department head, when I ...

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This posting describes some examples of nonverbal communication in one work setting and its effect on communications.

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