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    Products that are too dangerous to be marketed

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    Are some products too dangerous to be marketed under any circumstances? What regulations, if any, would you place on marketing cigarettes, guns, or prescription drugs

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    There are some products which are definitely unsafe to market under any circumstance. Prescription drugs under certain conditions is the best example of this scenario. If a prescription drug is created and goes through every process needed to cure a certain disease (we can use cancer as an example since it's widely known), but the drug fails a certain percentage of safety testing, we would have to question its marketability.

    I can have a drug formulated to cure cancer but the side effects increase the chance of heart attack or some other condition that can be fatal. If the prescription drug just gets by through a small margin in safety testing, it raises cause for concern as to if it ...

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    This solution discusses if some products are too dangerous to be marketed. A thorough discussion is provided and several examples are included.