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Issues Related to Ethics in Media

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Review the article (Link below) and discuss media ethics


Analyze the contemporary media ethics case and discuss the writers objectivity. Also, discuss media code of ethics and if the principles are adhered to in 400 words from 5 separate sources.

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The contemporary media ethics case is "if women lead, will more follow?" written by Kaylen Ralph. The author describes how she was inspired to be a journalist during her school days. The author says that women specific media is on one hand focused on commercialization aspect of media which is selling products to women. The other ethical issues are that women are not published, quoted, hired, or promoted similar to male journalists. These two observations of the author are related to her own experiences and possibly do not relate to the experience of all women journalist. The author also describes her own leadership initiatives. She started a school newspaper that exists even now. In 2012 when the author was in a magazine editing course, she developed the plan for launching a women's magazine that could offer writes an opportunity that ...

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