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Ethics and Social Justice

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1.Can you explain the ethical or social justice issues in terms of philosophical theories?
2. How is diversity related to the social justice themes human rights, equality, liberty and justice?

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This solution explains the ethical or social justice issues in terms of philosophical theories, and also explains how diversity is related to social justice issues that include human rights, liberty and equality.

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1 -- Different philosophical theories would view ethical or social justice issues based upon the theory itself. All upstanding philosophical theories are against doing harm to others in any deplorable manner. The only harm generally committed is due to the action not taken. In any situation, one or more parties can be either intentionally or unintentionally harmed due to the very nature of ethical or social justice issues. All social justice issues have ethical components, as ethics is the basic element as to what we are basing our decisions on, at any given time. When we apply the various theories, we would apply the components of that theory. For instance, Kantian ...

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