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Research in Social Justice Issues

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What is the role of research in addressing social justice issues? What boundaries should be in place, and why are they important?

What steps should researchers take to ensure their studies are responsive to participants representing diverse cultures?

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This solution provides information regarding the role of the researcher in addressing social justice issues, as related to boundaries and the importance of certain research boundaries. Additionally, this solution addresses the steps researchers should take to ensure study participants represent diverse cultures.

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The idea of discussing social justice issues in research is nothing new; however, it is important to note that social justice issues in literature became more prevalent with the push and recognition of qualitative research as sound research. What you need to remember is that qualitative research was, and still is, viewed as lesser research than quantitative research by many academics.

As with all research, the researchers should be guided by their knowledge and interest of a topic of study. With that being said, many researchers have dedicated their lives to further understanding/ exploring the role of social injustices in today's society. Remember, that the majority of social justice researchers align with the qualitative paradigm, as it focuses on the individual story, rather than statistical analyses. Currently, there are a number of universities that offer doctoral programs that possess a sole focus of social justice exploration.

To help you further understand the role of social justice in research, as well as boundaries in this type of research, I am providing bullet points. The bullet points below clearly outline the contents needed to answer this question-

1. Social justice research became known through the work of Morton Deutsch, who contributed a great deal to the field of social justice literature. Before Deutsch, a gap within the literature was found. Deutsch research came a few years after the ...

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