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Research on the merits of restorative justice

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I am seeking help with explaining restorative justice impact on lowering the rate of recidivism. Evaluate procedural or moral justice.
Also, justify which type of justice is most useful based on psychological theories.

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As you briefly examine how restorative justice can significantly impact on lowering the rate of recidivism, it is often credited as much more holistic, people friendly, proactive approach to encourage offenders to hold offenders accountable and to right their wrongs. During my work with at risk teen offenders previously, I found this approach to be useful personally. This philosophy also attributes crime in connection with larger violations against human relationships, situating victims and the community as pivotal parts to the justice process.

One article concurs:

Bradshaw, W., & Roseborough, D. (2005). Restorative Justice Dialogue: The Impact of Mediation and Conferencing on Juvenile Recidivism. Federal Probation, 69(2), 15-21.

The authors validate the effectiveness of restorative justice as "..an increasingly important alternative approach to responding to criminal offenses (Bazemore & Umbreit, 1995). While the retributive and rehabilitative models focus on the punishment or rehabilitation of the offender, they neglect the needs of the victims." Theoretically, restorative justice "assumes that criminal offenses are first a violation of people and relationships and not just in the domain of the state. The restorative model reconceptualizes the purpose of justice by focusing on the three major stakeholders in the process of restoration and healing: the victim, offender, and community (Zehr, 2002). The aim of restorative justice is to repair the harm ...

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750 words of notes and references briefly overview some merits of restorative justice.

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