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Community Justice System

Please write approximately 750 words, fully-referenced on the benefits of Community Justice.

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Community Justice is a strategic method of crime reduction and prevention, which builds or enhances partnerships within communities. Community Justice policies confront crime and delinquency through pro-active, problem-solving practices aimed at prevention, control, reduction and reparation of the harm crime has caused. The goal is to create and maintain vital, healthy, safe and just communities and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Principles of Community Justice
The community is the nexus of community justice; therefore, each individual community must ultimately define the concept and practice of community justice.
The work must nonetheless remain true to an ideal as expressed by the following guiding principles:
The community, including individual victims and offenders, is the ultimate customer, as well as partner of the justice system.
Partnerships for action, among justice ...

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Benefits of community justice systems.