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    Susan G. Komen Foundation's Code of Ethics

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    A corporate "code of ethics" includes the standards defined by the corporation to provide behavioral expectations in specific situations. Discuss the major components of the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (refer to http://www.komenmd.org/atf/cf/%7BBF296F35-9F08-47A1-B084-F1931636646D%7D/Conflict%20of%20Interest%20Acknowledgements.htm). Does the "code of ethics" provide enough direction to make an ethical decision? Why or why not?

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    The major components of the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's code of ethics include the organization's policy, disclosure statement, penalties for transgression, and signature of agreement section. The code:
    • Ensures that all "board member[s], employee[s], staff member[s], grant reviewer[s], Race director[s], committee chair[s], and committee member[s]" (Susan G. Komen Foundation, n.d.) understand that they must place the interests of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation above all other business, financial and professional relationships.
    • The code prohibits gifts or items that might influence decision ...

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    This solution discusses the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Code of Ethics, its major components and if it is clearly written for someone to make an ethical decision.