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Donor Education Strategies

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1. What would you say is the importance of donor education in the resource develop process as it applies to nonproft as Susan G. Komen.
2. Can you describe 2 or 3 donor education strategies that could be used in this nonprofit organization and how each strategy might best communicate organizational efforts relating to the organization. What type of donor would you say each strategy targets
3. In using those strategies, who in the organization i.e. board, staff or volunteers might them and why.

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1. Donor education is most important factor in case of Susan G. Komen. It has as strategy of breast self-awareness as a primary method for fighting breast cancer. It supports universal screening mammography; breast self examinations, and higher level of government spending on diagnosing and treating breast cancer. The donor must know exactly what Susan G. Komen stands for. The argument is that there are several reviews that hold that indiscriminate screening mammography for all middle-aged and older women, regardless of risks leads to over treatment os several women who would never be harmed by cancer.

2. One donor education strategy ...

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The answer to this problem explains donor education strategies for Susan G. Komen. The references related to the answer are also included.

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