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Provide a response to the following: Identify and describe two types of traditional approaches to fund development, and two types of entrepreneurial approaches to fund development.

Use Chapter 13 of the text.

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//Before writing about the fund development approaches, we have to first understand about the concept of fundraising. So, firstly we will write about the fundraising and its categorization.//

In simple terms, the process of Fundraising refers to seeking and collecting funds or gifts by requesting donations from individuals, corporate, charity-organizations and governmental agencies. In general, fund-gathering efforts are associated with non-profit organizations. However, at times they explain the classification of investors and other sources of funds for-profit organizations as well. The fund raising efforts are categorized into traditional and entrepreneurial approaches.

//Above, we discussed about fundraising, which is a vital concept of present time. As per the directions, now we will discuss about the two type of traditional approaches of fund development which is known as Annual Campaigns and Client Donations.//

A large number of traditional approaches are used for fund-raising.

1. Annual Campaigns: These campaigns take place in the final months of a year when individuals as well as corporations are intended to make donations for minimizing their taxable income in this period. Annual Campaigns simply refer to a prominent fund-raising endeavor through direct mails or telephone solicitations to agency, individuals, businesses, etc. The fundamental motive of annual campaigns ...

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