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    Appreciation Strategies of Non-profit Organizations

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    1. What are your thoughts about the importance of appreciation in the resource development process for a nonprofit such as Susan Komen?
    2. As a donor, would you describe one appreciation strategy that you would prefer and another that you would not prefer, and explain why?
    3. In your explanation, are there any cultural or other groups to which you belong influence your preferences. Finally, based on the preferences, could you share an insight of appreciation strategies, please? Would you share references for review?

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    Non-profits should use appreciation as a way to acknowledge the donors for both retention and to make the donor feel appreciated. It reminds donors that they are not just a checkbook and it also serves as an opportunity to remind donors of the ongoing needs a non-profit has.

    I like to receive notepads, stickers, or things like that. I can use them and they serve to remind me on a regular basis of the donation and the organization. It makes these organizations a first choice when I give again. I use the note pads for lists and notes. Stickers I use for my ...

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    This solution of 377 words highlights the value of appreciation and appreciation strategies along with ideas for thank you gifts for non-profit organizations. References used are included.