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    Major funding sources for non-profit

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    Can you give a description of five major funding sources (at least one must be a foundation) you might pursue for a breast cancer organization?
    For each funding source can you give an explanation of how you would cultivate relationships with prospective donors? Discuss the following:
    - How you would educate prospective donors, using specific strategies.
    - How you would solicit donations from prospective donors, using specific strategies.
    - How you would " appreciate" donors, using specific strategies.
    Would you provide reference to review?

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    I have provided some ideas for this assignment. Please feel free to add and change them as you examine the websites and your own sources.

    In a new technology area, crowdfunding is a great way to help kick off a nonprofit or project. Crowdfunding is an industry where people can log into sites that are created specifically to raise money for different types of endeavors including independent films, charities, inventors, small businesses, and any other fund raising needs one can have. In some sites, money is more of an investor type of giving, where the person giving money is a shareholder rather than donator.

    The one I would choose is Crowdrise.com. The site is for donations for charities and non-profits. It has attracted a following of people who are inspired and give to causes and needs. The site is also popular because visitors to the site can see, through a points system, the impact that people and organizations are making in helping others.

    The Ford Foundation funds organizations seeking charitable contributions by giving grants to those who apply and meet the standards set by the foundation. Foundations are actually set up to contribute to causes and ...

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    An outline of major funding sources for non-profits, how to educate the public, how to gain the funding, and how to show appreciation.