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Marketing for Profit and Non-Profit

Can someone please give me some assistance, help get me started with this question. How does the marketing process for a non-profit organization compare to a for profit organization? Is it ethical to use funds donated to pay for marketing efforts? Please support your position.

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According to Maude, marketing in the non-profit world is called development. "Marketing" is all about money, the various ways of offering goods and services in exchange for money with the ultimate goal of earning revenues for profit. "Development" is not about money making ventures. It's all about relationships and the ultimate goal is for a charitable cause or for the good of society.

Marketing for the non-profit organizations is not concerned of competition or target market nor is it concerned of how they can promote their products or services for revenue because their purpose is to achieve their mission and objectives and not to earn revenue or gain more profit.

Sometimes non-profit organizations may do some fund-raising related activities to generate surplus revenues but these are done for the purpose of preserving, maintaining or expanding the organization. Sometimes they have "projects for a cause" where they plan or implement events that can help them generate funds ...

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