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    Code of Ethics for Stakeholders

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    Review http://www.iabc.com/about/code.htm and http://www.imcusa.org/?page=ETHICSCODE

    Discuss how the codes apply the particular aspect of the codes addresses ethical responsibilities to stakeholders such as employees, clients, or the public?

    formulate into a 400 word essay and use 5 credible sources

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    The first is the International Association of Business Communication code and the second is the IMC USA Code of Ethics.
    The IABC lays down three principles which are that professional communication should be legal, ethical, and in good taste. Next the code lays down its twelve articles that address standards how the members are expected to communicate. the IABC also lays down how the code will be communicated and enforced.
    The IMC USA Code of Ethics takes a pledge from its members about how they will behave. The certifying body and professional association, wants to set high standards for behavior by its members. What is remarkable about this code is that it directly addresses the duties of its members to certain stakeholders. It addresses the commitment of its members to their clients, public, and the profession.
    Particular aspects of both these codes address ethical responsibilities to employees. For example, the IABC ...

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