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    code of ethics

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    Read Bank of America's newly adopted Code of Ethics on its Web site. Debate the adequacy of this code. Prepare an essay on strengths and shortcomings of the code. Also include in the essay an argument about whether or not other companies should adopt similar codes of ethics and explain why. Explain what the impact on companies, employees, and the public would be if there was widespread adoption of these codes.

    [**Tip: to find Bank of America's Code of Ethics, go to their home page, then click on "About Bank of America." Then click on "Corporate Governance" under the Shareholders & Investors section. You will see a link for the Code of Ethics.]

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    The Bank of America's code of ethics is one of the most comprehensive codes of ethics. It addresses different issues like governance and administration, conflict of interest, and confidentiality and information security in great detail. It goes at great length in describing what are bank of America assets, financial responsibility and compliance with the law. In each of these sections, it describes each section in great detail and list almost every conceivable situation in which the code should be applied.
    The strengths of such a code of ethics is that it is very comprehensive. It informs the stakeholders of almost every conceivable type of violation possible. For instance in the section on compliance with the law, it lists and describes in detail five subsections like anti-money laundering, mutual fund securities, fair dealing, corporate opportunities and political contributions. In addition, it sets ...

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