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    The Audit Committee and Corporate Governance

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    Please review and critique the article attached How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or
    professional life, and how could it apply to an organization you have observed?

    identify the main topic/question,
    identify the author's intended audience,
    assess how the author addresses business ethics within the workplace, and
    include your own conclusions on the topic

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    The article is about one of the most important aspect of corporate governance: the Audit Committee's role in providing an objective monitoring and overseeing of the accounting and financial matters of the organization as well as in helping develop business ethics within the organization. The author emphasizes the audit committee's expanded responsibilities and how the organization, as well as its Board of Directors can assist this group in the effective performance of reviewing their company's compliance of the code of ethics and maintaining respect for its stakeholders while being held accountable to the shareholders. Although many companies have been providing opportunities and encouragement for whistle-blowing, the annual reports inspection process doesn't seem to include the auditors' expanded responsibilities on business ethics.
    The audit committee ...

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    * Summary of the article attached (The role of the audit committee in strengthening business ethics and protecting stakeholders' interests): main topic, summary of the auditing process; benefits of having an effective audit committee
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