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Improving Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility

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How can a corporation improve its corporate governance and corporate responsibility? Provide in your discussion a detailed discussion of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and what role it plays in corporate governance.

Mallor, J. P., Barnes, A. J., Bowers, T., & Langvardt, A. W. (2007). Business law: The ethical, global, and e-commerce environment (13th ed.). Chicago: McGraw-Hill.

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Corporate governance/responsibility focuses on the rights of shareholders, the equitable treatment of shareholders, the treatment of stakeholders, disclosure and transparency and the duties of board members. It involves systems, policies and processes for ensuring proper accountability, probity and openness in the conduct of an organization's business. Good corporate governance promotes accountability of board members and management to shareholders and improves transparency and disclosure. Regarding improving corporate governance; success of corporate governance arrangements in an organization will depend on both external and internal factors that include, but aren't limited, to the following:

Regulator consultation - Whilst some organizations develop their own corporate governance systems, much of today's corporate governance requirements are due to external regulation. Regulators often consult formally with their industry/body and good organizations are ...

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This solution provides a detailed discussion of how a corporation can improve its corporate governance and corporate responsibility