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Do The Ends Justify The Means In The Meatpacking Industry?

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In the expression, "The end justifies the means," the end is the outcome or result and the means is what one does to achieve the outcome or result. If the end is something that is good or right, then does that end justify any means you might use to get there? With respect to working conditions, for example, some might say that the hazards present in the meatpacking industry are justified by the cost-effective production that results.

1.Who are the stakeholders in this question?
2.Are the hazardous working conditions in this industry justified? Or not?

Explain your position.

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The stakeholders in this question are the executive team, management and owners of the meatpacking plants. Their revenue is directly impacted if there are changes to the regulations or safety requirements that may impose cost increases in production based on new ...

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An argument that the ends do not justify the means in the meatpacking industry.

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