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    How to Dvelop an Ethics Program Checklist

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    Creating a strong ethics program requires that our systems and policies build a foundation that can be combined to allow for ethical behavior. The major challenge that managers face is to develop a program that enhances ethical behavior in a consistent and systematic way. When a systematic approach is used to develop and evaluate an ethics program, the organization can consistently support ethical behavior. While this does not guarantee ethical behavior, it creates an environment that supports the behavior, and this protects the organization in the public view.

    Review the following articles:
    • Nel, P., Nel, L., & du Plessis, A. (2011). Implications for human resources and employment relations practice with regard to the integration of corporate ethics programmes into the culture of organizations. International Employment Relations Review, 17(2), 55-74.
    • Kaptein, M. (2009). Ethics programs and ethical culture: A next step in unraveling their multi-faceted relationship. Journal of Business Ethics, 89(2), 261-281. doi:10.2307/40295054

    Give an example of:

    • Create an example evaluation checklist for a corporate ethics program.
    • Identify an organization to evaluate (note: please do not use Enron).
    • Apply your example evaluation checklist to this organization.
    • Identify at least two strengths of the organization's ethics program, as indicated from your example checklist.
    • Identify at least one area/item that should be added to your example checklist to enhance the evaluation.

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    The first component of the evaluation checklist would be the overall specific purpose of the evaluation, which would be the evaluation of the organization's ethics program. The second component of the evaluation checklist would be the specific audience for which the evaluation is being developed for. The third component of the evaluation checklist would be ascertaining the specific type of data that would be needed in order for the evaluation to be effective and accurate. The fourth component of the evaluation checklist would be what specific kind of evaluation will be developed and utilized. The fifth component of the evaluation checklist would be from which areas within an organization's paradigm data would be collected for the evaluation. The sixth component of an evaluation checklist would be ascertaining what methodology would be most ...

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