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    A Summaryof Two Business Articles

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    Please summarize contents of 2 articles. English is not my first language and I need the summary to understand the contents.

    Articles are

    1: How Virtuous is Your Firm? A Checklist. http://ejbo.jyu.fi/pdf/ejbo_vol14_no1_pages_14-20.pdf

    2: Corporate Executive Salaries - The Argument from Economic Efficiency. http://ejbo.jyu.fi/pdf/ejbo_vol13_no2_pages_35-43.pdf

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    1: How Virtuous is Your Firm? A Checklist. http://ejbo.jyu.fi/pdf/ejbo_vol14_no1_pages_14-20.pdf

    The latest trend in the corporate world is that organizations are more concerned of values rather than profits. There is a paradigm shift and a transformation that is making corporations more value-oriented than profit-oriented. A new era called "conscious capitalism" which focuses on profits while taking care of the social, environmental and social responsibilities in decision making has proliferated in the corporate world. What has caused this transformation? Blame it on the values-driven consumers who have manifested that they patronize firms who show concern of the rising business expectations. Studies have shown that these consumers prefer to buy the products and pay for the services of companies that have active corporate social responsibility program provided that the price and quality are comparable to the competing products. On the other hand, many of these consumers are willing to boycott a company that doesn't show societal responsibility concern even if its products were superior or less expensive than the other products. It has also been proven that companies that have embraced virtue as part of their culture gain better in terms of long-term financial performance compared to those companies that have become more concerned with profit maximization. The values-driven company wants to do the right thing first and profit ...

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    The solution summarizes two business articles on 'How Virtuous is your Firm?' and 'Corporate Executive Salaries'.