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    Business leadership variables

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    For this one, please identify 2 variables related to business leadership then find at least 3 scholarly articles that used each of the two variables and fill out the attached table with the information requested.

    Make sure the articles you select use some type of regression or path analysis or Structural Equation Modeling.

    Use the "4" (MS Excel) Template and fill out all the information.

    You will be asked to describe or state the following for EACH article about your selected variable:
    Please look at both tabs and clarify instructions in the template.

    1) Name of Variable
    2) How variable was used (Dependent, Independent, Moderator, Mediator)
    3) Definition used in each paper (the same variable may be defined differently in each article)
    4) # of Indicators or survey items used to collect data for the variable
    5) The actual indicators (survey questions) used in each study
    6) The range for the responses (1 - 5, 1 - 7, etc.)
    7) Any statistics such as mean, Standard deviation, Mean, Kurtosis, Sample Size, Cronbach Alpha etc. from the each studies for each variable.
    8) Participants of the study (where did the sample come from? Students, Office Workers, Leaders etc.)
    9) In your future study, describe who you think the sample population will be? Students, Office Workers, Leaders etc.

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    Business leadership variables are identified and discussed as they are used in different scholarly articles.