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    Leadership Style Example

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    According to Bushe & Johnson ( 1989 ) there are some contextual and internal variables that tends to affect the task group outcomes in various organizations. They did a survey on 59 members from 10 different task groups within five companies. This study was conducted and the results showed that there were three groups of variables that are being manipulated by the manager. The manager does this in order to help increase the probability of having an effective outcome by the task group. These three groups involve motivating task, environmental support and also resource mix. The study showed that while the group members were focusing on completing the task based on their perceptions of the importance of accomplishing the goals for work they were also being influenced into completing the task in an effective manner because the manager was able to make the initiative in terms of personal relevance of the task accomplishment. In other words through communication and knowing where the members stood in regards to his or her commitment to the task enable the leaders ensure in not just the efficiency of the work but also the proficiency of all parties involved. It was important for the leaders to make sure that the members had a meaning in the role that they played to complete the task and also allow the members to view the significance in team effectiveness.

    Can you relate the action taken by the leader to ensure each member of a team or task force has a personally meaningful role in the outcome to a leadership style?

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    The closest leadership style matching the situation would be 'situational leadership'.
    Factors that affect situational decisions include motivation and capability of followers. This, in turn, is affected by factors within the particular situation. The relationship between followers and the leader may be another factor that affects leader behavior as much as it does follower behavior.

    The leaders' perception of the follower and the situation will affect what they do rather than the truth of the ...

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    This solution relates an example of action taken by a leader to ensure each member of a team or task force has a personally meaningful role in the outcome to a leadership style.