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Organizational Learning Prog teach & reinforce new behavior

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Globalization and technology have increased the speed at which organizations and individuals must learn and adapt. Based on the module information and your own research, briefly describe a program designed to teach and reinforce a new behavior to enhance organizational effectiveness. You may select any new behavior you wish to implement in an organization, but you must cite theory and research concepts in your program description.

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Organizational Learning Program

Ethical Workplace Behavior

In order to create a learning program for ethical workplace behavior in order to enhance organizational effectiveness, there are many phases to cover to reach that goal. This paper will cover the values needed, the attitudes to attain, how to put those learn values and attitudes into motion, rules to live by, formulas that make it happen, and a daily checklist to follow.

Values Needed

There are certain values that make ethics just second nature to people. Some of these values need to be learned. Those values are:

1) Wisdom and Knowledge
These two are the most important. People need to figure out how to take information and change it into knowledge. They also need to know how to figure out what information to convert. Teaching what is right from what is wrong in decision-making helps people to know how to handle a situation in an ethical manner.

2) Self-Control
Teaching self-control is the next step in the program. People need to be committed to taking the time to know what is right and wrong and not be tempted by the wrong path because it is enticing and more advantageous. In the long run, it won't be.

3) Justice and Fair Guidance
It is necessary to guide people to the understanding of what is fair and just. When it is presented to people as something that will happen close to them, they listen. Something that is just can be felt as fair. There are many things people experience in their lives and don't classify as fair or just, but when it is revealed and clarified that certain situations are fair and just ...

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