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The Neighborhood Watch

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Just recently, my wife and I got involved in a neighborhood watch within our community due to adolescents vandalizing our local cemetery by knocking over gravestones. The local police do not have enough manpower to eliminate this problem so we have taken it upon ourselves to create change. Each neighbor has a certain night and time that they must canvas the cemetery looking for the vandals. We have notified the police of our intentions and they support us as long as we do not take the law into our own hands, so to speak.

Could someone explain to me how getting involved in a neighborhood watch such as this within my community empowers neighbors or my community as well as myself in this story?

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The following posting discusses a community's neighborhood watch.

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Organizations, such as a neighborhood watch, are not created accidentally or spontaneously. Such organizations are goal oriented. The organization is created by one or more individuals, who or whom believe that a coordinated and joint action of a group of people will accomplish something one person cannot.

As new members of your neighborhood watch, you will learn either through procedures and or experience about leadership and team building. You will be faced with experiences or crisis that will motivate you to learn, and adopt, modify, or abandon certain beliefs and procedures. These intense emotional and physical experiences will be part of the building blocks in your life that shape your character and growth.


The founders or current head of an organization are its leaders. Each leader has a leadership style of running the organization. The shared beliefs of the leaders, "the learning experiences of group members as the organization evolves, and the new beliefs and procedures brought in by new members and leaders" give rise to culture in the ...

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