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Community watch in gang-ridden areas

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I like the idea of Neighborhood Watch programs to deter crime, but I am not sure they will be very effective, especially if the environment is extremely crime ridden. Most people who live in these type of neighborhoods fear the consequences if they try to establish a neighborhood watch. It may work in smaller neighborhoods where crime is not a large issue, but gang ridden streets would be harder to control through community watches.

I realize that people in these type of neighborhoods need to get involved and take their community back, but how do they do that without fear? What would you suggest if your community was gang ridden and you feared repercussions?

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There is no way to eliminate fear completely, but there are strategies that can be utilized in order to help to take their community back. One of the first things that they would need to do is have a private meeting with individuals in the neighborhood that are in favor of a community watch program, etc., and not to make it publicly known ...

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The expert examines community watch in gang-ridden areas. The consequences of trying to establish the community watch in gang ridden areas is given.

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