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    Change Intervention: Lewin's Change Process

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    Complete the following exercise (Lewin's Change Process): Choose a current issue in your local neighborhood. You will figure out how you would design a large-scale change intervention program in relation to this issue and answer the questions below.

    a. How many people would it make sense to involve?
    b. Where and when would you hold it?
    c. How would you ensure that you have a representative cross sample of relevant people in the room at the same time?
    What data sources would you need to achieve this?
    d. Who are the key decision makers in relation to this issue?
    What arguments will you use to get them to attend the meeting?
    e. How will you structure the agenda of the meeting?
    What would be the best way of doing this so that people
    Who attend on that day have appropriate buy-in to it?
    f. How would you run the actual meeting?
    g. What technology would you need to make it work well?
    h. What would you like people to take away from the meeting?
    i. What follow-up actions would you plan to ensure that?
    Actions and decisions flowed from it?
    j. What possible funding sources might you draw on to finance the meeting?
    k. As a result of considering such questions,
    What new issues emerge for you?
    As a large-scale change intervention agent, to consider?
    What specific skills would you need to make such an
    Event work well?
    Which of these skills would you need to develop more?

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    This is an interesting exercise. I have a few pointers and an example to get you started or to assist you in completing the assignment.

    A current issue my neighborhood is dealing with is an increase in crime. I live in a middle income suburban neighborhood and most residents have sizeable families to include small children and elderly relatives. As a result, safety is paramount. We are concerned about the safety of our families and guests.

    In an effort to educate residents on what is taking place and how to protect themselves, a meeting was scheduled to meet with neighbors and the local law enforcement and a neighborhood watch program was formed. It makes sense to involve the entire neighborhood as everyone is affected. Some our neighbors have had their back doors kicked in and some criminals have been brazen enough to enter residences while the homeowner was inside.

    The last meeting was held at a local school. The school is less than five minutes away and can hold hundreds of occupants. Previous meetings have been held at area churches and at the Homeowner Associations main office. Meetings are generally held on a Friday night. I'm not sure how many people attended either meeting but most people might prefer the meetings to be held on Saturday mornings.

    C. In order to ensure that there is a representative cross sample of relevant individuals in the room, I would extend a personal invitation and follow-up to ensure they would be in attendance. Additionally, I would invite state representatives and make sure the HOA board and law enforcement officials were on hand to offer support to attendees ...

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    This solution demonstrates how to outline a plan of action as it relates to change intervention. A neighborhood watch is utilized in the example provided. Please note, this solution is specific to the problem or question posed as indicated below.