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    Behavior Modification in Children Using Rewards

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    Early behavioral psychologists demonstrated it is easier to modify behavior when the expected behavior is rewarded. For example, you compliment your child for doing well in school, or you get coupons for your next purchase because you spent so much at the grocery store.

    Explain the benefits of using this type of behavior modification correctly. Also explain some negative affects that can occur if the wrong behaviors are rewarded.

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    You have asked for some of the benefits of using behavior modification and some of the negative effects of using it incorrectly.

    Behavior Modification

    Behavior Modification is part of a behavioral tradition developed by Pavlov in the early part of the twentieth century. This therapy was adapted by John Watson in 1920 and eventually translated into behavior therapy by researchers and clinicians such as B.F. Skinner and Hans Eysenck in the 1950s. These approaches were later incorporated with cognitive behavior therapy as developed by researchers such as Donald Meichenbaum.

    Today, there are many branches and schools of thought with varying terminology as regards Behavior Modification therapy. Generally however, Behavior Modification therapy as we know it today is defined as the use of rewards or punishments to reduce or eliminate problematic behavior, and can teach new responses to an individual in response to environmental stimuli. It is also defined as a, " therapy that seeks to extinguish or inhibit abnormal or maladaptive behavior by reinforcing desired behavior and extinguishing undesired behavior."

    The goal of a program of behavior modification is to change and adjust behavior that is inappropriate or undesirable in some way. When embarking on a program of behavior modification with a child, it is important is that the undesirable behavior be isolated and observed. With this ...

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    This solution explains some of the benefits of using behavior modification and some of the negative effects of using it incorrectly.