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Intrinsic Rewards and Motivation

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Hello, I need help developing a response to the following:

- Describe some of the ways in which a manager could affect intrinsic rewards.
- Discuss how behavior modification operates to motivate employees. Why is it still important to understand people's needs when using this approach?
- How does intrinsic motivation fuel our creativity and sense of inner purpose?

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A manager could affect intrinsic rewards by making work challenging or offering more interesting work. This would serve as a way to increase motivation for employees. In addition, managers could offer training opportunities, offer to pay for magazine or periodical subscriptions, and encourage professional organization memberships. Taking staff out of the office and viewing examples of well executed work would also encourage intrinsic rewards. Intrinsic rewards are based on meaningfulness, a sense of choice, a sense of competence, and a sense of progress (Thomas, 2009). It is important to make sure employees understand how their work fits into the larger picture and why it is important. Employees should also understand how their part in the work impacts the end customer. Managers may give employees' choices or the ability to make decisions. This increases intrinsic rewards. By making sure the ...

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This solution discusses some of the ways a manager could impact intrinsic rewards, discusses how behavior modification operates to motivate employees, and why it is important to understand peoples needs when using this approach. It also discusses how intrinsic motivation fuels out creativity and sense of inner purpose.Includes APA formatted references.

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Motivational Plan.

You, as a sales manager, will identify why we should motivate salespeople and create a motivational plan. Use different methods and ideas. Do not just use common motivational tools such as bonuses and monetary incentives - be creative. Include the following:
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