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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Feedback and Reward Systems

Discuss two of the following statements.

Specify the Two Basic Functions of Feedback and Three Sources of Feedback.
Define upward feedback and 360 - degree feedback.
Distinguish between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, and give a job-related example of each, and also summarize the research lessons about pay performance and explain why rewards often fail to motivate employees.
Demonstrate your knowledge of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, extinction, and behavior shaping

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Most feedback comes from the top down - supervisors to employees. Upward feedback, however, assesses the employees' views and perspectives on their supervisors. Upward feedback utilizes anonymous surveys and questionnaires to solicit feedback from employees on the supervisors' performance. Upward feedback is similar to the 360 degree feedback concept. 360 degree feedback, as its names implies, comes from all around. In this method, someone, could be an employee or ...

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Explains the functions of feedback; lists the sources of feedback and defines the methods of giving feedback.