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Motivational Plan: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

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Motivational Plan.

You, as a sales manager, will identify why we should motivate salespeople and create a motivational plan. Use different methods and ideas. Do not just use common motivational tools such as bonuses and monetary incentives - be creative. Include the following:
- Describe intrinsic motivators for your sales professionals: What motivates salespeople internally? For example is a simple pat on the back good enough, are they self-motivated only, do they want public recognition, or so on?
- Describe extrinsic motivators for your sales professionals: What motivates salespeople externally? For example, are they motivated by contests, a plaque, money, and so on?

Use at least two resources to identify motivators. Your motivational plan should be presented as if you were presenting it to your boss, in a memo format.

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The expert examines intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in a motivational plan.

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Motivation is defined as the desire to expend effort to fulfill a need. It is important because the nature of the sales job, the diversity of company goals, the continuing changes in the market place, and the individuality of salespeople all combine to make motivating salespeople a difficult and important task.
When examining whether to use a salesperson's beliefs or the accuracy of those beliefs in motivating a sales force, it should be considered that they are equally important because both strength and accuracy are necessary for a salesperson to improve her performance. However, salespeople must have an accurate understanding about what it is that they should be doing in order to perform at even a low level. In order to be motivated to perform at higher level, the salespeople must believe that their increased effort will lead to improved performance. The need to accurately understand what it is that you should be doing comes first. Being highly motivated to do the wrong thing doesn't lead to better performance. So in the sense of a priority accuracy is more important.
In motivation, persistence is important in the sales position because in many selling situations the sale is not completed in one or two or sometimes many visits. Furthermore in many cases the salesperson often faces some resistance in buyers initially because they may be satisfied with their current suppliers and ...

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