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Developmental Appropriate Guidance for Children

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Read the article Developmentally Appropriate Child Guidance: Helping Children Gain Self-Control.

Identify two to three classroom management situations (e.g. raising hand to speak) that you would be likely to encounter in an early childhood classroom. Describe how you would address these situations in ways that are developmentally appropriate to young children.

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1. Students with poor social skill
2. Risk of emotional and behavioral issues
3. Uncomfortable in the learning environment

The key for classroom management are the general behavior practices grounded in learning theory. The management approach is to set rules to be applied in the behavior change process. Behavior change relies heavily on the management principle.

• Develop a routine it is important for young students. It gives them a sense of familiarity and comfort in the learning environment. Begin setting up a routine by establishing procedures for certain activities, such as lining up for music class, indoor recess, returning art supplies, taking ...

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An awesome classroom management strategy begins with rules appropriate for child guidance. Listed here are excellent goals and strategies to used for various conditions you would likely encounter in an early childhood classroom.