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Health and Safety

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•Should an employer ever be held liable for murder in the death of an employee? Is there a point where an employer is so uncaring about employee safety that you would say the act was criminal and the employer liable?

This is a legal (criminal negligence) as well as a moral or ethical issue. Google "negligence in the death of an employee" for some case examples. But, irrespective of legal liability ...
•What do you think, in general terms, are the obligations of an employer to protect the health and safety of its employees?

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As you stated when you do a search on the internet, many cases appear to make an employer liable for the health and safety of his employees.
Apart from that, I found from my work experience, employers ensure that employees are trained in the business ethics and understand the health and safety within the organization. In all the companies I worked for, I had 30 days from when I started working to complete the orientation training ...

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Health and Safety is an issue that many organizations take seriously because it can have great legal repercussions otherwise. Health and Safety is part of the core values and ethics of all organizations. These are shared to all employees and customers.