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    Preventing Employee Negligence in the Work Place

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    If you were training a new employee on issues of possible negligence in a workplace, what information do you think would be important to include? Obviously, this may depend a great deal on the type of workplace so answer this question for a place of business that you've worked for in the past or a type of business you'd like to work for in the future. Be sure to tell us what type of business it is in your answer. :) about a paragraph or two

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    I will answer this regarding machine operator on a factory floor. Negligence with high speed drills, laths, etc. can result in serious injury to the operator or expensive damage to the machine. First, the operator must know how to operate the machinery so as to fulfill the required operation to process the part. This would include hands-on training with written instructions. The part also has to be made according to the required quality and dimension parameters required to make a ...

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    Using machine operators on a factory floor as an example, the author explains the important training to prevent employee negligence, helping them succeed in their workplace.