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Company's Citizenship and Reputation

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* How does Southwest Airlines manage its reputation and corporate citizenship?
* What is the company doing right? Where can it improve?
* What has your experience been? What do other stakeholders report about the company's citizenship and reputation?
* What makes you remain a stakeholder?

Cite at least two sources.

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One of the ways by which Southwest airlines manages its reputation is by providing its customers with first-class service on each and every flight, which assures that this organization maintains a reputation of excellence. This organization also manages his reputation by ensuring that its flights are on time to the greatest extent possible, as well as ensures is that it's planes are well maintained in order to prevent mechanical malfunctions that may cause delays in servicing their clients. This organization manages its corporate citizenship by ensuring that it carries out its activities in accordance with FAA laws so as to ensure the safety of its customers at all times. ...

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