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Ethical Codes Of Data Collection in marketing.

Visit the Marketing Research Association Web site, and examine the ethical codes relating to data collection. Write an essay describing the three ethical code elements relating to data collection that you think are the most important, and illustrate why you believe they are the most important with an example of each.

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The ethical code elements relating to data collection that are most important involve conducting research in an honest and ethical manner. It is key that marketers collect data according to the code set out and that there is never any falsification or data omitted for any reason. Agreeing to "protect the rights and privacy of respondents" (Marketing Research Association, 2013) is important not only as a way to ethically conduct research but also as a method of giving respondents encouragement ...

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THis detailed solution discusses the ethical codes related to data collection based on ethical code set out by the Marketing Research Association (MRA). It says which parts of the code are most important and gives examples. Includes APA formatted references.