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The Legality of Late-term Abortions

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in recent times there has been intense debate in Congress over the morality and legality of late-term abortions, especially those that involve the active killing of a partially-born fetus that might have been able to survive on its own. Discuss the following two questions: At what point does the fetus become a person? To what extent does your answer to this question affect your position on late term abortions? Relate your answer to ethical concept(s) presented in the readings and to healthcare administration.

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The legality of late-term abortions are analyzed. The expert determines at what point a fetus becomes a person and to what extend this affects your position on late term abortions.

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On fetus personality

This reporter contends that the fetus becomes a person upon actual determination that the mother is pregnant-positive. At this point, there is already a knowledge of at least one party that a life is being conceived in the womb of the mother - either the mother (or father) or the healthcare organization. With the assumption that there is no technology to determine the ...

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