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    Legal and Ethical Issues in the Health Care Industry

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    As the health care industry evolves and changes so do the legal and ethical issues that its employees face. An employee of the facility you have chosen to study this term has come to you with a question. He has heard a lot about issues the organization is facing currently and says he is confused by how these decisions are influenced by ethics and law. He goes on to state that he does not see a distinction between looking at an issue from an ethical and a legal perspective.

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement that there is no difference in approaching a decision from a legal and ethical perspective?
    Why do you believe as you do?
    Be sure to provide a properly referenced basis for your answer, in APA format.

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    Ethical decision making is a decision that is made aligned with both legal and moral obligations that would prove to be acceptable to a larger group (Schmidt, 2008). Both moral and ethical decision making is highly subjective and can be interpreted ...

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    A discussion regarding approaching decisions from a legal and/or ethical perspective including a personal opinion regarding this topic. 105 words, 1 reference.