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Ethical & Legal Issues: Traits of a Health Care Manager

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1. What are the differences between ethical issues and legal issues? Describe a scenario in which an issue may be unethical, but legal. Describe a scenario in which an issue may be ethical, but illegal. Explain your choices.
2. Discuss the skills that are necessary for a leader or manager to make decisions and see that they are followed out to completion? Explain.
3. What do you believe are the most important traits and characteristics of a health care leader and/or manager and why? Which of the traits and characteristics presented do you believe are least important and why?

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This solution discusses ethical and legal issues, as well as traits of a health care manager.

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Differences between ethical and legal issues

Legality and ethics in issues vary in different places, with different culture, values, life styles, legal systems, policies, and procedures. What may be legal in one country may be illegal in another. Divorce is legal in several parts of the world but in other parts, divorce is considered illegal. Gambling may have been legalized in one country but it is considered illegal in another country. In some parts of the world, involving women in corporate decision making may be ethical and accepted but in some countries, it is unethical to involve women in decision making.

While classifying issues as legal or illegal and ethical or unethical varies, the common denominator is that an issue is said to be legal if it is within the law or in compliance to the law and illegal if it were the opposite. On the other hand, an issue is said to be ethical if it is moral and unethical if it were against moral.

Cherrington (1995) describes an ethical issue as an acceptable conduct or in accordance to rules and regulations that define right and wrong conduct.

An ethical issue, using a utilitarian view, is something that provides a greatest good for the greatest number.

Using the rights view, ethics is observed when an individual right is respected and protected. On the other hand, the theory of justice views that a manager is ethical if he imposes rules fairly and ...

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