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    Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)

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    Business ethics are one challenge of any organization or professional organization. Within health care information technology concentration, analyze how and why ethical practices and behaviors are critical to your discipline and to the success of organizations. Justify your response in detail comparing and contrasting three (3) examples from current practice outlining theoretical concepts and industry guidelines. Write in 3rd person and support all your statements with citations and other support from the academic literature.

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    In healthcare information technology (HIT) relates towards a framework to managing health information across a matrix of computerized systems for the exchange of data between the end users. Some identified end users are nurses, front-end personnel, physicians, as well as providers and government entities. In doing so, the health care information technology platform requires an ethical approach while accessing data that could pose major issues to stakeholders.

    In order to fully gain understanding to how organizations utilizes health care information technology with an ethical practices entails managing, the following;

    - Improve health care quality for stakeholders, i.e. patients, nurses, and physicians
    - Prevent medical errors when inputs data entry is keyed in too fast that can negatively impact health care treatment.
    - Administrative processes are more efficient and productive
    - Confidential patient information for refraining for improper usage of data for personal gain
    - Tracking occurring health issues associated with patients for need to be reported to the CDC that entails chronic disease management awareness

    In each of the above main health care information technology abilities to making organizations more efficient, the ethical practices and behaviors come into play due to ...

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    Investigation the Healthcare Infomatio Technology (HIT) organization framework that analyze how and why ethical practices are conducted for outlining theortical concepts in discipline.