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    HIT Projects and Decision Makers

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    Describe an example of an HIT project implemented at your organization (medical or mental hospital) and analyze how that project was identified and moved forward.

    Evaluate the impact of key decision makers on moving the HIT project forward.

    Please include in-text citations and at least 3 references. No Plagiarism.

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    HIT stands for Health Information Technology. HIT is used in health facilities to store, share, and/or analyze patient health information. It is becoming more and more common and patients are even using HIT to communicate with their provider via email, telephone, and text. Two popular forms of HIT used today are: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and E-prescribing. EMR provides a secure place to store patient medical information (e.g. prior appointments, history of diseases) and makes it easier for primary care physicians to share this information with other specialists.
    E-prescribing is now the preferred method amongst providers as a means to stop prescription pad thefts in doctors offices. Providers automatically communicate with the patient's pharmacy of choice via computer; no paper prescription necessary that can get lost or stolen. I will focus on E-prescribing.

    According to the US Department of Health & Human Services (https://healthit.ahrq.gov/key-topics/electronic-prescribing), over the last 5 years, national interest in e-prescribing has increased as the Federal Government has enacted legislation, including the Medicare ...

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    This solution describes the development and growth of e-prescription and evaluates the impact of key decision makers on moving this method of Health Information Technology (HIT) forward.