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    Electronic Health Records Podcast

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    Go to The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Select one of the podcasts under the Technology tab that discusses Electronic Health Records (EHR). Present a comprehensive overview of the podcast (author, his/her position or title, etc.) and how the information pertains to this week's reading and specifically, to the role of a healthcare CIO.

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    EHR Podcast
    Author/Editor: Kent Bottles

    About: Kent Bottles interviews Dr. Peter Basch, a Washington, D.C internist who has years of experiences with the electronic health record. Dr. Basch shares his experiences with the EHR in his practice and the pros and cons of using the health information system.

    Comprehensive Review:

    Dr. Basch has a small practice with seven health care providers: six physicians and one nurse practitioner. He found that it was hard to keep information in one place and having it current in two places was impossible. So in the early 90s, he felt there was a better solution to this. There is a small percentage of physicians in small practices that have adopted the electronic medical record, about 5-10 percent. The primary barrier of electronic medical record implementation is a business case, one that tells the physician that their investment in technology will help with workflow efficiency.

    National data reflects that very few doctors have been ...

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